About Us

As a former hairstylist, I dye high quality yarns using layers of rich color to create unique fiber that will inspire you to create your own magical masterpiece!

I'm Johanna and I am obsessed with yarn and color. I started my business in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, and have now moved to a small town in rural Kansas with my amazing and talented husband, our adorable baby, and a very fluffy cat. I worked for fourteen years as a hairstylist, creating rich multi-tonal colors for my clients and when I couldn't find exactly what I wanted for a knitting project one day, I decided to dye my own. From that first dip of my toes in these dye-filled waters, it was a short quick leap into full-on color obsession!

 My goal with my hand-dyed yarns is to create rich, dimensional colors that shift and glisten from every angle. I love combining unusual colors, and creating vibrant multi-hued skeins with luster. Each skein that I create is lovingly hand-dyed with professional high-quality acid dyes and non-toxic GMO-free citric acid. The colors are brilliant and fade-resistant.




Hand dyed yarn is a precious and beautiful thing with a life all it's own. While each colorway is carefully documented to be reproduced accurately, the nature of hand-dyed yarns and techniques I've developed mean that there may be slight variances between the skeins. If using more than one skein to complete a project, I advise alternating skeins every couple rows to create an even flow of color. This is part of what I love about hand-dyed yarns...each skein is a unique work of art!
I hope that my yarns will inspire you to tackle that next big project, learn that new technique, try that scary new skill, and empower you to create your own magic every day! I want to help you discover and cherish the magical power and unique beauty inside yourself and encourage you to share that with the world!