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French for "beauty of the day", belle du jour can refer to a morning glory or flower that blooms only during the day. These flowers can come in many different shades, but I was most excited by the light pink and peachy orange ones, like the speckles in this lovely colorway. The smattering of darker speckles hints at the less innocent side to belle du jour: after the 1967 Catherine Deneuve film of that name, it came to imply a high priced call girl or prostitue who only works during the daytime. 

Whatever your connotations to the name, this beauty will leave you craving more crafting by day and night! An explosion of pinks, peach, and orange speckles mix with blues, and darker flecks while leaving plenty of white space to anchor the background. Perfect for socks, sweaters, shawls, and more!

I use professional quality acid dyes to ensure vivid colors that will last. No two skeins are identical: if you need more than one skein for your project, be sure to alternate rows to ensure variegation. Please note that each skein is a unique work of art and may not exactly match the photos, but will be very close. I may reskein your yarn before shipping to avoid tangles if necessary.

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