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Sex and the Single Girl-Dyed to Order

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She's classy, she's sexy, she's bold, and independent! A modern girl in a modern age, she doesn't need old fashioned romance...but maybe she does like it a little! Named after one of my favorite movies from the 1960s starring the beautiful Natalie Wood, Sex and the Single Girl is full of exuberant energy and bright, eye-popping shades. The film is a glorious mix of ridiculous, screwball comedy, romance, and some mildly dirty innuendo, 1960s style! With gorgeous clothes, delicious hairstyles, and fun, catchy songs, this film always makes me feel good, just like this delightful speckle yarn! Sunny bright yellow splashes across a white background and is broken by bits of amethyst, orchid purple, and the occasional pop of deep blue for a random, exciting skein. A busy speckle full of life, this bright yarn looks amazing on it's own or used with a contrast color. Pop in the namesake film, and cuddle up with a cocktail and your knitting for a perfect evening in, whether you are single or not!

I use professional quality acid dyes to ensure vivid colors that will last. No two skeins are identical: if you need more than one skein for your project, be sure to alternate rows to ensure variegation. Please note that each skein is a unique work of art and may not exactly match the photos, but will be very close. I may reskein your yarn before shipping to avoid tangles if necessary.

 Pictured on the Banshee Fingering. For information on base yarn choices, click here.

Want your skein shipped ready to knit? Click here to get it wound into a center pull cake! Remember to add one cake winding per skein you want caked.

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