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Christmas Eve at the Mall-Dyed to Order

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Snow crunching underfoot, you rush home from work exhausted and ready for a night in...but wait! It's Christmas Eve and you still haven't finished your shopping! A modern twist on traditional Christmas colors, this busy speckle is reminiscent of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Hot magenta pink, blue-green juniper, and spicy reddish orange flash across a bright white background. These colors remind me of the brightly colored aluminum trees and kitschy decorations of the 1950s and 60s...or the modern interpretations at a tacky mall store. This lively speckle will give you a dose of fun in your crafting...just don't wait til Christmas Eve to cast on!

I use professional quality acid dyes to ensure vivid colors that will last. No two skeins are identical: if you need more than one skein for your project, be sure to alternate rows to ensure variegation. Please note that each skein is a unique work of art and may not exactly match the photos, but will be very close. I may reskein your yarn before shipping to avoid tangles if necessary.

Pictured on the Temptress DK. For information on base yarn choices, click here.

Want your skein shipped ready to knit? Click here to get it wound into a center pull cake! Remember to add one cake winding per skein you want caked!

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